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November 08, 2017

If one person in the family has diabetes, it can be a daunting task to prepare a meal. You want them to eat healthy, avoid certain foods, yet have their meal taste as good as what everyone else is having. At times, you may even consider making a separate meal. Who can keep that up?


In truth, with or without diabetes, everyone should eat healthy meals. For those who wish to take extra care of their bodies, your Nutrigrill may be your most powerful tool yet. Here are ways your Nutrigrill can help you adjust to a diabetic-friendly diet.


  1. Cooking with less fat

    Fried foods are the bane of not only diabetic people, but also of us all. It is hard not to love the taste. Who can resist the satisfying crunch that comes with biting into a fried chicken? Yet, even without knowing why, we know eating fried foods more often is not good for our body.

    Fat has an immediate effect on blood glucose levels. Eating fatty food will slow down digestion and make it harder for your insulin to work. Frying requires a high amount of fat in high heat to cook your food. Knowing what fat can do to our bodies, especially to a diabetic person, fried food is simply not a welcome addition to the meal.

    Nutrigrill’s cooking methods call for the least amount of fat, and yet produces you tasty meals. Grill, saute, stir-fry, and with the Nutrigrill steamer attachment, steam your dish.

  2. Less sugar and salt

    You may notice that juices slide off to the reservoir every time you grill a piece of vegetable or a slice of meat on Nutrigrill’s dome-shaped grill top. In addition to the broth you used, these juices add depth to your food’s flavour, you won’t notice you haven’t put in any added salt and sugar.

    This is beneficial for people with diabetes. A low-sodium diet prevents high blood pressure and heart disease, which they are more prone to with an increased amount of sodium in their system.

  3. Limit your meat intake

    Eating too much protein can increase insulin resistance.

    Try to avoid red and processed meats. Instead, choose small cuts of lean meats.
    Your Nutrigrill encourages you to eat smaller portions of meat. It is easier to grill slices of meat on the dome-shaped grill without having the meat slip down to the moat. And because of Nutrigrill’s fast, efficient cooking, you get flavourful, juicy meat portions without the unnecessary fat.

  4. Eat a large amount of vegetables and fruits

    Your Nutrigrill can handle one litre of food on the reservoir, which is best for cooking vegetables in a tasty broth. Use vegetables in your diet to maximize your fat-free fibre intake. Grill them, saute, or add them into your Nutrigrill stir-fry. If you own Nutrigrill’s steamer attachment, try steaming your vegetables for maximum health benefits.

    Fruits are a great source of carbs, vitamins and minerals, and fibre.

With diabetes, nothing is completely off limits when it comes to food. But better food choices will help improve how you feel about you and your body.

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