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November 01, 2017

Your ceramic knives are the heroes in your kitchen. They are light, tough, and quick. They can slice through your food with speed and precision. Ceramic knives retain its sharpness and won't rust or stain unlike its steel counterparts, therefore getting more jobs done for you in the long run.

Careful not to cut yourself! These knives are ultra-sharp, and can glide through food without struggle. Hold the blade at the handle, keep away from the blade’s sharp edge, and always cut away from the body. 

Given all its power, there are tasks it is not designed to do.

Advanced ceramic blades, like your Donatella Arpaia Signature Ceramic Knife set, are harder than any metal yet delicate under certain conditions. Hard blades have limited flexibility and may be broken when forced to bend or twist.

Ceramic knives hold their edge longer than steel knives, but they will dull differently. Hard material tend to slightly chip in time. Even so, you will find that your knives will perform well for you.

Take these steps to retain the sharpness, and prevent the premature chipping of your ceramic knives.

  1. Avoid cutting frozen or extremely dense food

    When cutting tough or dense food items, we tend to slightly bend or twist until the food is cut. These motions will damage the edge of your blade, causing it to warp, break or chip. Apply much force, and your hard blade can snap.

    Do not use your ceramic knives to cut pumpkins, squash, melons, pineapples, nuts, cheese blocks, or roots.

  2. No cutting through bones

    Similar to how we cut through tougher vegetables and fruits, carving and boning meats involve flexing and twisting motions. Any hard blade, ceramic or steel will bend or break as they are not designed to accomplish these jobs. Use more flexible blades.

  3. Do not use your blade to crush garlic

    ….or any crushing motion for that matter. Your ceramic blades are made with hard material which may break or snap under added pressure. Hitting your blades against other hard surfaces, china, or flatware will also prematurely destroy your blade. Yes, that means you must also not drop your ceramic knives on the sink.

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