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October 20, 2017

All the hype about Greek yogurt is true. It is a creamier, tastier version of plain old regular yogurt, packed with protein and contains less carbs. Why is that?

Strained three times, it takes more milk to produce Greek yogurt (regular yogurts are strained twice). The end result is a yogurt with thicker consistency, a higher concentration of protein, and a higher price in your local grocery stores.

All yogurts provide you plenty of health benefits, and can be included as an ingredient to a variety of recipes. Knowing the health benefits of Greek yogurt, you may be tempted to follow the trends. If you must go Greek, consider these points before you decide to switch from your regular yogurt.

  1. Your Needs

    Think of why you are choosing to buy Greek yogurt. Is it to lose weight? Great! Greek yogurt has high protein to fend off your hunger, helping you eat less.

    It’s low carb content also makes Greek yogurt ideal for diabetics who have to watch the amount of carbohydrates they take.

    If your body requires more calcium, and you lack other sources for this nutrient, opt for plain yogurt instead. Plain yogurt contains at least triple the amount calcium found in Greek yogurts, which lost most of its calcium content due to processing.

  2. Ingredient List

    Now that you know what your body needs, it is time to pick your yogurt.

    Just because the yogurt cup’s label says it is “Greek” does not mean you are buying Greek yogurt.
    Activia "Greek"
    With its rising popularity, producers may lure into buying their products with its title. Instead, pay attention to the actual content: the ingredient list.

    Here are a few ingredients that must give you a red flag: fructose, sucralose, or any added sugars; corn starch; milk protein concentrate or protein powders, which is an unnecessary additive for a product that is supposed to have the nutrient naturally.

  3. Nutrition Label

    The key in picking a Greek yogurt from your grocery store aisle is to choose the one with high protein and the least amount of sugar. The main reason why most people opt for Greek yogurt is its high protein after all, right?

    What else do you look for?

    If your wallet can take it, look for grass-fed, hormone-free milk. Yogurt made from this milk have high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Make sure that you are getting what you are paying for by looking for the 100% grass-fed label.

    Whatever you choose, opt for low or full fat, and if possible keep away from non-fat. Good fat helps you absorb essential vitamins, helps you feel full longer, and helps stabilize your blood sugar levels.
    There are a few exceptions to this rule. Only buy non-fat products without any added sugars and artificial sweeteners. This applies to other products on the grocery shelf.

Flavoured yogurts?

Greek or regular, this option is out of the question: do not buy flavoured yogurts. Stick to a plain yogurt. Just add your fruits and preferred sweetener. This allows you to control the quality and amount of sugar you are putting in your body. You can also use your plain yogurt for marinades, sauces, and baked goods.



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