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Ideacipes | Outside The Box Burgers

July 10, 2017


Vegetables: Eggplant, tomatoes, dried figs, red onions, green peppers dates, dried cranberries

Proteins: Ground beef patties, chicken, prawns, hot dogs split down the center

Seasonings & sauces: Choose your favorite sauce and add condiments as desired such as pickles, dijon mustard, tobasco

Additions: Burger buns, Texas toast or challah bread


Turn on your Nutrigrill to the highest setting and adjust the temperature down as needed while you cook. There is no need to pre-heat since it heats up in seconds. You can adjust the temperature up or down as you cook if you find you need more or less heat.

Place your seasoned ground beef patties around the edge of the moat. Add onions
and spices as desired for flavour.

Sauté vegetables in the juices or fast sear them on the grill top before serving them up.

TIP: Add gourmet flavour to your burgers with cranberries and figs.

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