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October 18, 2017

Given that less cooking times yield more nutritious food, the cooking method you use also determines how healthy your meal can be.

For example, boiling is a healthy way to cook your vegetables. However, longer boiling times in larger volumes of liquid often mean that the food has dispersed most of its nutrients in the water. In fact, boiling reduces the vitamin C content in a food more than other cooking methods.

Contrary to what most people might believe, popping your veggies in the microwave with a little amount of water is the healthier option to make steamed or boiled vegetables. The smaller amount of water and the faster cooking time keep most of the food’s nutrients in its original, raw form.

Your Nutrigrill® can give you well cooked vegetables as fast as a microwave can. In addition, it combines different cooking methods that can provide a variety of healthy meals for you.


  1. Grilling

    Grilling gets a bad rap for losing about half of the B vitamins and minerals once the juices drip out of your food. Most of the nutrients on that steak just gets burned away. On your Nutrigrill®, these juices escape the grill and flow into a reservoir where you cook your vegetables or other additions like grains or noodles.

    Moreover, since your meat cooks much faster on a Nutrigrill®, most of these nutrients are still retained.

    Grilling on the ceramic dome of your Nutrigrill® takes less time than grilling in a large gas barbecue as the heat source is only within two millimetres away from the food compared to the gas barbecue’s distance of 10 to 25 centimetres away from the food.

    Take care not to char your food. Consuming charred meats can increase your risk to certain types of cancer. Do not leave your food unattended on the Nutrigrill® - it will cook fast.

  2. Saute or Stir-Frying

    This is a job for the moat around the grilling dome of your Nutrigrill®. It functions like a wok, and heats up to 400º, allowing you to cook up to one litre worth of food very easily.

    Sauteing or stir-frying requires some oil in the pan. Just limit the amount of oil, and make sure to use good oils such as olive, canola, or grapeseed oil. While olive oil is the best for its ample antioxidants, at times your dish may require a more neutral flavour. In this case, use either canola or grapeseed oil for your stir-fry.

    You may also choose to cook your vegetables slightly on the grill to reduce its cooking times in oil.


  1. Steaming

    Steaming remains to be the healthiest ways to cook your vegetables in seafood. Why? Steaming allows your food cook in its own juices. For this reason, it retains the nutrients that it would have lost in any other methods of cooking.  Moreover, you don’t need any fat additives - your food comes out as juicy and tender just on its own.

    Your Nutrigrill® can do this with a simple addition of the volumizer ring and steamer basket accessory. The steamer basket is slightly larger in surface area than the grilling dome, and can hold large batches of vegetables and seafood without taking too much time.

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